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Regional Qld Movement Mentors Program

8 Week Start moving program

Hello and Welcome to our 8 Week Movement Mentors program. We are 3 Dogs Fitness and we are a family of Personal Trainers that want to help everyone have a better lifestyle. In this program we aim to make sure that you change your lifestyle to better yourself and feel better ABOUT yourself.

Are you trying to change your body shape and sick of crazy diets to achieve this?

We don't believe in DIETS, here at 3 Dogs Fitness we believe in eating healthy, what you like and when you like just making sure that you don't over-consume. We teach you how to keep accountability of your eating so you can achieve your goals. We  even suggest eating your favorite food, just in moderation.

Do you live in an Area where you can't get to a Gym?

Just because you can't get to the gym doesn't mean you can't do a Fat blasting, muscle building workout. We will design a workout for you and coach you along the way to ensure that you perform movements safely and push you when you need it.

Do you hate going into the GYM for fear of being Judged or looking out of place?

We have designed a plan for you to start at home and over time build up your confidence to approach the GYM and do it with STYLE. We will teach you exercises, why they are important and most importantly THE CORRECT WAY TO DO THEM.

Does doing those HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS just scare the bejebus out of you?

Then don't panic, we won't be getting you to do those, NOR will we be telling you to do CARDIO by attacking a treadmill for hours.(UGH ... no thank you)

Do you struggle to just get up and move, get tired walking up flights of stairs or just lack motivation to exercise?

We will be there to guide and motivate you the entire way in your journey. We want you to become strong and independent of us so that you will be able to enjoy your life, family and recreational activities without the personal guilt trip we all place on ourselves for being unfit.

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If you answered YES to any of these, and I know you did!! 

Then click on the link below and answer the quick questionnaire. We will contact you and talk to you about what we can offer. The button will not ask you for credit card details or charge you anything, so click it. Don't hesitate you have done that enough already. Take ACTION NOW!